World Bank in Papua New Guinea

In 1963 Australia invited a World Bank mission to review PNG’s economy and resources. The mission’s 1964 report was the most comprehensive review made in the colonial period and was an independent source of information for the United Nations. The report described Australia’s treatment of PNGans as “benevolently paternalistic”. It recommended that Australia stimulate the modern sector of PNG’s economy by increased financial assistance, the encouragement of overseas investment and international aid, and the use of volunteer agencies in areas such as health to overcome the shortage of skilled PNGans. A five-year development program, based on the report, was introduced in 1968.

In 1990 the World Bank provided a $US50 million structural adjustment loan to help Prime Minister Namaliu’s Government implement a structural adjustment program. Since 1988 the World Bank has sponsored a Consultative Group (CG) which meets annually to provide a forum for international development agencies, bilateral aid donors and the PNG government to discuss development strategies.

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