1. work, task, occupation

  • wok bisnis business activities
  • I hat tru long wok bisnis long ples.
    It is very difficult to conduct business activities in the village.
  • wok didiman agriculture
  • wok kamda woodworking, carpentry
  • Em i wok kamda long haus bilong mi.
    He is doing some carpentry in my house.
  • wok mak piecework
  • wok painimaut research, investigation
  • Em i wok tisa.
    She is a teacher.
  • Pinisim wok pastaim.
    Finish your work first.
  • Em i wanpela man bilong wok.
    He is a good worker.

2. to work, process, produce, grow

  • wok bung to work together, communal work
  • wok bus (work bush) to make a patrol
  • wok gol (work gold) to mine gold
  • wok kaikai (work food) to work for board (not for wages)
  • wok mani work for a wage, the money economy
  • Em i lusim ples na kam long taun long painim wok mani.
    He left village and has come to town looking for paid employment.
  • wok mani stret (work money straight) to work straight salary
  • wok nating work for no pay, volunteer work
  • wok saksak (work sago) to process sago
  • Ol mama i save wok saksak.
    The women know how to process sago.
  • Sapoti i wok long gaden.
    Sapoti is working in the garden.
  • Ol i wok long planim tapiok long arere long haus.
    They are planting tapioca around the house.

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