1. to win

  • winim kot (win court) to win a lawsuit
  • winim pilai (win play) to win in a game
  • Yu ken winim resis.
    You can win the race.

2. to beat, to do better than

  • Yu yet bai winim em.
    You will beat him.

3. to complete

  • winim skul (win school) to graduate
  • Susan i winim fopela yia long yunivesiti.
    Susan completed four years at university.

4. to blow, to inflate

  • Winim gumi, mipela laik pilai futbol.
    Inflate the ball, we want to play football.

5. to play a wind instrument

  • Tita i save winim mambu gut.
    Tita plays the flute well.

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