1. water

  • Nek bilong mi i drai na mi laikim sampela wara.
    I am very thirsty and would like some water.
  • dring wara drown
  • wara bilong ai a tear (also aiwara)

2. juice

  • Dispela wara bilong muli em i swit moa.
    This lime juice is very tasty.

3. river

  • Lukaut long ol pukpuk long Wara Sepik.
    Watch out for the crocodiles in the Sepik River.

FYI: Access to Clean Water in Papua New Guinea

Access to treated/safe drinking water is greater in urban areas (87% of households) compared to rural areas (33% of households). In village areas, where people still live primitively with no electricity or running water, rain water is sometimes collected in tanks or large drums. Some villages have access to natural spring drinking water which they fetch daily.

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