tromoi, tromoim

to throw away, to get rid of

  • tromoi(m) anka (throw anchor) drop anchor
  • Sip i tromoim anka pinis long pasis.
    The ship has dropped anchor in the bay.
  • tromoi(m) han (throw hand) to take a swing at somebody, to punch
  • Em i tromoim han long brata bilong em.
    He took a swing at his brother.
  • tromoi(m) huk (throw hook) cast a fishing line, to cast for fish
  • Mi laik go tromoim huk long bris.
    I want to go fishing on the wharf.
  • tromoi(m) i go (throw (be) go)to throw something away
  • Tromoi i go long wara.
    Throw it in the river.
  • tromoi(m) i kam (throw (be) come) to throw here
  • tromoi(m) i stap leave something behind
  • Wok em i tromoi i stap na em i go long ples.
    He left his job and went back to his village.
  • tromoi lek to walk, to hike (also wokabautlimlimbur)
  • tromoi(m) mani (throw money) to spend money, to make a contribution
  • No ken tromoim mani nating.
    Don’t spend money unnecessarily.
  • Mipela olgeta tromoi mani i go long baim kaikai.
    We all contributed to the cost of food.
  • Tromoi pipia long rabisbin.
    Throw the rubbish into the bin.
  • tromoi(m) takis (throw tax) pay tax, pay duty
  • Mipela tromoim takis long olgeta fotnait.
    We pay tax every payday.
  • tromoim tok (throw talk) disregard an instruction, order or advice, to reject an order
  • Ol wokman i no ken tromoi tok bilong bos.
    Employees should not disregard an instruction from the employer.

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