1. flood; strong current, torrent (also taitwara)

  • Wara Sepik i tait.
    The Sepik river is flooding.

2. current, torrent

  • Strongpela tait i karim man i go.
    The man was swept away by the strong current.

3. tight

  • Siot i tait tumas.
    The shirt is too tight.

4. tired

  • Mi tait pinis na mi laik slip.
    I am tired and want to go to sleep.


1. to tighten

  • taitim bun (tighten bone) to stretch oneself
  • taitim han (tighten hand) to stretch out one’s hands or arms
  • taitim pul (tighten pull) to paddle hard
  • taitim rot (tighten road) to walk fast
  • taitim skru (tighten screw) to tighten a bolt, nut or screw
  • Taitim skru long taia.
    Tighten the wheel nuts.

2. to pull

  • Taitim rop strong.
    Pull hard on the rope.

3. to exert oneself

  • Tupela taitim pul na hariap i kam long ples.
    The two of them rowed hard and got home quickly.

4. to make fast

  • Taitim kanu long bris.
    Tie the canoe to the wharf.

5. to secure

  • Lapun i taitim trausis bilong em long rop.
    The old man secured his trousers with a rope.

6. insist

  • Loya i taitim em long bekim tok.
    The lawyer insisted on him providing an answer (to his question).