1. time; wanem taim nau? what is the time?
  2. season; taim bilong ren the wet season; taim bilong san the dry season;
  3. when; taim brata bilong mi i kam long haus, yumi ken i go when my brother comes home, we can leave;
  4. while; taim mi wokabaut i go long maket, mi lukim yu when I was going to the market, I saw you;
  5. then, at that time; Siapan i pait wantaim ol waitman long dispela taim the Japanese were at war with the Westerners at that time; taim bilong karim expected date of delivering a baby;
  6. repetition; hamas taim bai mi tokim yu long baim dinau bilong yu? how many times do I have to tell you to pay your debts?

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