1. pipe

  • Paip i karim wara i kam long haus.
    The pipe carries water to the house.

2. pipe for smoking

  • Lapun mama i wok long smokim paip.
    The old woman is smoking a pipe.
  • paip bilong win windpipe (also mambu bilong win)

3. to smoke a pipe

  • Yu save paip?
    Do you smoke a pipe?


1. explode

  • Bom i pairap na kilim man.
    The bomb exploded and killed the man.

2. strike a bell

  • Klok i pairap na makim wan klok.
    The clock struck one.

3. thunder

  • Klaut i pairap na pretim pikinini.
    The thunder frightened the child.

4. rumble

  • Bel bilong mi i pairap.
    My stomach is rumbling.


1. fight

  • pait long toktok (fight (prep) talk) to argue
  • Tupela dok i pait.
    The two dogs are fighting.

2. war

  • Planti pikinini i dai long pait long lrak.
    Many children died in the war in Iraq.

3. bitter

  • Malaria marasin i pait nogut tru.
    The anti-malaria medicine is very bitter.

4. sharp or spicy taste

  • Muli i gat pait.
    Limes have a strong sour taste.
  • Kari ya i gat pait!
    This curry is really hot!



1. beat

  • paitim bret (fight bread) to knead dough
  • paitim kundu (fight drum) to beat the drum
  • paitim mak (fight mark) to tattoo
  • paitim nating (fight nothing) to hit or beat for no reason
  • Wep i wok long paitim garamut.
    Wep is beating the slit drum.

2. knock

  • paitim dua (fight door) to knock at the door
  • Husat i paitim dua?
    Who is knocking at the door?

3. knock down

  • Paitim mango i kam daun.
    Knock down the mango.

4. paitim han (fight hand) clap

  • Olgeta meri i paitim han bilong ol long Jenny.
    The women all clapped for Jenny.

5. hit

  • Ol tru tru man ol i no save paitim meri.
    Real men do not hit women.

6. strum

  • Taim em paitim gita, mi laik sing.
    When he strums the guitar, I feel like singing.

7. intoxicate

  • Buai i paitim mi.
    The betel nut made me drunk.

8. ring

  • Paitim belo.
    Ring the bell.