1. fire; mama i kukim kaukau long paia mother is roasting sweet potatoes in the fire;
  2. to burn; haus i paia the house is burning;
  3. anger; bel bilong em i paia tru he is very angry;
  4. lightening; klaut i paia na kukim diwai lightning struck and burned the tree.


  1. fireman; ol paiaman kilim paia the fireman put the fire out;
  2. the person who looks after the fire in a copra drier; paiaman i slip na paia long haus kopra i dai the fireman fell asleep and the fire in the copra drier went out; haus paiaman (also haus kopra) copra drying house.


  1. to look for something; Tomas i painim wanpela balus long bus Thomas is looking for an aeroplane in the jungle; mi painim yet I’m still looking (for it); mi givap long painim I’ve given up looking for it; painim wok to look for work, to be unemployed;
  2. to find; painim pinis found; mi painim pinis I have found it; Maria i wok long painim galip long maket, tasol i no painim pinis Maria is looking for galip nuts in the market, but she hasn’t found any yet.