1. they, them

  • Mi lukim ol i kam.
    I see them coming.
  • Ol i go long ples.
    They went home.
  • Ol i save stap gut wantaim.
    They were happy together.
  • Ol i save tingim ol yet tasol.
    They only think of themselves.

2. their, theirs bilong ol

  • Em i haus bilong ol.
    That is their house.
  • Papamama bilong ol i dai pinis taim ol i liklik yet.
    Their parents died when they were still little.

3. (to form the plural of nouns)

  • ol lain the clans
  • ol man men
  • ol meri women

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1. all, every, all together, all the time

  • long olgeta hap bilong Papua Niugini in all parts of Papua New Guinea
  • long olgeta ples everywhere
  • long olgeta yia every year
  • mipela olgeta, yumi olgeta all of us
  • olgeta de every day
  • olgeta man everyone
  • olgeta samting everything
  • olgeta taim every time, whenever
  • Olgeta taim mi go huk, mi no painim wanpela pis.
    Whenever I go fishing, I never catch a fish.
  • olgeta wantaim all together
  • Olgeta i stap.
    All of them are here.
  • olgeta yia annual, annually
  • yumi olgeta every one of us

2. completely, altogether

  • Em i lus olgeta.
    He is completely lost.
  • kranki olgeta all wrong
  • Rot i bagarap olgeta.
    The road is ruined.

3. emphasis marker

  • gut olgeta the best
  • go pinis olgeta leave for good


1. this, in this way

  • Em i tok olsem.
    His words are, he says this.

2. as if, like, similar to

  • Em i wokabaut olsem lek bilong em i bagarap.
    He walks as if his leg is hurt.
  • Yangpela meri kain olsem yu ha mi.
    Young girls such as you and me.

3. this way, thus

  • yu no ken tingting olsem.
    You shouldn’t think this way.
  • olsem na therefore

4. than

  • moa liklik olsem yu smaller than you

5. olsem na therefore, so

  • Mi gat sik, olsem na nau mi go long haus sik.
    I’m ill, so I’m going to hospital.

6. yu olsem wanem? how are you?


all the time, always, at all times (also olgeta de), forever

  • Em oltaim i pulim wanpela samting long mi.
    He is always begging me for something.
  • oltaim oltaim again and again, eternal, eternally
  • Oltaim oltaim dok i mekim wankain tasol.
    The dog does the same thing over and over again.
  • God i stap oltaim oltaim.
    God is eternal.