1. another (see arapela)

  • long narapela kantri in another country

2. the one, the other

  • Wanpela i paitim bret, narapela i mekim redi aven.
    One kneads the dough, while the other gets the oven ready.
  • Long PNG yumi gat kokonas, tasol long sampela narapela kantri em kol tumas na ol i no gat.
    In PNG we have coconuts, but in some other countries it’s too cold and they don’t have any.


nothing, just, for no reason

  • givim nating to give something away for free
  • kisim nating to get something for free
  • kros nating to be angry without cause
  • meri nating not an important woman
  • pipia nating worthless
  • ples nating desert
  • stap nating empty, unmarried, unemployed, doing nothing
  • stori nating fable
  • Mi stap nating long setelmen.
    I am unemployed in the settlement.
  • wok nating work without use
  • wokabaut nating to walk around without purpose