1. and

  • Em i lap na krai wantaim.
    She laughed and cried at the same time.
  • I go i go na taim bilong pilai i pinis.
    They went on and on then it was time to stop playing.

2. so, and so

  • Mi no gat kaikai na mi hangre.
    I have no food, so I am hungry.


1. about, around

  • Ol dok i go nabaut.
    The dogs went in all directions.
  • ran nabaut run about

2. carelessly, here and there

  • Em i mekim wok nabaut.
    He did the job carelessly.
  • Ol meri sindaun na toktok nabaut.
    The women sat down and chatted about nothing.

3. things like that, etc.

  • Em save danis, smok, nabaut.
    She goes dancing, smokes, things like that.


1. a number, a number rank

  • Em kamap long namba 22 i go inap long namba 31 de long mun Julai.
    It starts on the twenty-second day and goes until the thirty-first day of July.
  • Em i gat inap namba.
    He has the numbers (in a political sense).
  • kolim ol namba bilong Bingo call out the numbers in Bingo
  • namba wan (see nambawan) first
  • namba tu (see nambatu) second
  • namba nain Festival ov Pasifik Ats the Ninth Festival of Pacific Arts
  • namba wan taim the first time
  • namba wan ples bilong gavman capital
  • putim namba to put first, to give a number

2. authority or rank

  • Memba i gat namba.
    The member has the authority/fame.