1. sign, characteristic, scar, design, spot, tattoo, label, symbol; putim mak to put one’s mark, to sign; katim mak to cause scars for body decoration; mak bilong lek animal tracks; mekim mak to apply tattoos; em i mak bilong gutpela man that is characteristic of a good person;
  2. goal posts for soccer; sanapim mak, planim mak to set up goal posts;
  3. an assessment grade in school;
  4. place, position; PNG i stap long mak we em stap nau PNG is in this position now; masta mak surveyor.


market; gavman i mas painim moa maket the government has to find more markets; yumi save baim kaikai long maket we buy our food at the market.

Ukarumpa market (via: Brad’s PNG Blog)
A roadside market, where PNGans sell crackers, cookies, mangoes, and buai to passers-by. It’s called Slowdown Market since it’s right by a section of the road where the pavement is missing so all the cars have to slow way down. (via: Brad’s PNG Blog)


  1. to mark something, to sketch; makim diwai long katim to mark a tree for cutting;
  2. to appoint, to allocate, to vote for, to select, to promise in marriage; makim de to set a day; makim nupela memba vote for a new member;
  3. to point at, to aim; makim long pinga to point a finger;
  4. to imitate, to mock; makim gutpela pasin lo imitate good habits.