Random phone calls made by anonymous callers – strangers who may be either men or women, but are mostly made by men. These calls are made to unknown people with whom lengthy conversations are then conducted, ‘phone friendships’ may then evolve in which gifts of phone credit are transferred.


1. a lie, nonsense

  • Ol i tok giaman long mi.
    They told lies about me.

2. to lie, to deceive, to pretend

  • Em i no save giaman.
    She doesn’t lie.

3. false, to be false

  • Em i mekim bikpela giaman.
    He made a big false display.
  • giaman lek false leg
  • Papa i sapim giaman banara bilong pikinini bilong em.
    The father carved a pretend bow and arrow for the child.
  • pasin giaman the habit of lying


to give, offer

  • givim baksait (give backside) to snub
  • Meri i givim baksait long ol.
    The woman turned her back on them (she showed contempt).
  • givim baptais (also baptaisim) to baptise
  • givim bek (give back) to restore
  • givim bel (give belly) to make pregnant, to impregnate, to love
  • givim sem long (give shame) to embarrass
  • givim glas long (give glass) to take one’s temperature
  • givim gol long (give goal) to score a goal
  • givim gude long (give good) to greet someone
  • givim gutpela tok (give good talk) to advise
  • givim maus long (give mouth) to sass
  • givim nating (give nothing) to give for nothing
  • Em i givim nating long mi.
    She gave it to me for nothing (free).
  • givim nem to name
  • givim pen to punish
  • givim promis (also promisim) to promise
  • givim skul (give school) to instruct
  • givim stik long (give stick) to punish
  • givim tok nogut (give talk no good) to use bad language
  • inap long givim to afford, to be able to give
  • Mama i givim kaikai long pikinini.
    The mother gave food to the child.
  • man i save givim ol samting generous man
  • Meri i no bin givim mi wanpela samting.
    The woman didn’t give me anything.
  • Tisa i save givim gutpela toktok long ol sumatin.
    The teacher encourages the students.


1. a glass, a thermometer

  • Dokta i yusim glas long glasim sik.
    The doctor is using a thermometer to check the sick person.
  • glas bilong lukluk mirror
  • Meri i wasim glas bilong windo.
    The women cleans the windows.

2. use goggles to skin dive

  • go glas long kindam to go skin diving for prawns