1. to sweep

  • brumim ples (broom place) to sweep the village
  • Ol meri i brumim ples.
    The woman are sweeping the village.
  • brumim wantaim (broom one time) to sweep things together into a pile
  • Tupela pikinini i brumim pipia na bungim wantaim.
    The two children swept the rubbish into a pile.

2. a clean sweep

  • Taim ol raskol i stil long haus, ol i brumim olgeta samting na karim i go.
    When the thieves stole from the house, they made a clean sweep of everything.


betel nut, chewed with lime and mustard of various kinds, very popular, sold in markets and from small stands on the streets of Papua New Guinea, and responsible for the red stains of expectorant which colour streets, walls, buildings and roads

  • kaikai buai to chew betel nut
  • Tambu long spetim buai.
    Spitting betel nut juice is prohibited.
  • Em i spetim buai long ka bilong mi.
    He spat betel nut juice on my car.
Betelnut Sales in Port Moresby. The ban of sale of betelnut in public places in Port Moresby has been
less than effective at reducing either the addiction or the mess. Betelnut combined with 2 other common, natural components plus saliva makes a narcotic compound that people then spit in the streets after getting their “buzz”. It makes for disgusting mouths and streets and bad health, but it isn’t easy to defeat an addiction that is so deeply embedded in culture with just a law.


1. a book

  • buk diksineri dictionary
  • haus buk library
  • Tupela sumatin i ritim buk i stap.
    Two students are reading a book.
  • Mi baim wanpela buk long fifti toea.
    I bought a (one) book for 50 toea.

2. a boil

  • Buk i kamap long lek bilong mi.
    I have a boil on my leg.
  • buk i gat ai abscess