ting, tingting

1. an idea, a thought, a memory

  • Mi gat wanpela tingting.
    I have an idea.
  • Tingting bilong gavman long ‘Yusa Pe’ polisi em i gutpela tru.
    The Government’s idea of a ‘User Pay’ policy is very good.

2. an opinion

  • long tingting bilong mi in my opinion

3. to think, to think about

  • No ken ting olsem.
    Don’t think that.
  • Mi tingting long yu.
    I think about you.

4. to remember

  • tingting bek long ples remember home
  • lusim tingting forget
  • No ken lusim tingting.
    Do not forget.

5. to worry, fret

  • No ken tingting tumas.
    Do not worry.

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