timber, wood

  • timba plua wooden floor

FYI: Papua New Guinea (PNG) has one of the largest remaining continuous areas of tropical forest in the world. There are approximately 29 million hectares of forest with 97 percent of the forest held under customary land ownership by Indigenous clan groups (PNGFA, 2009). Large-scale industrial logging companies operating in PNG export approximately 90 percent of the logs harvested in the country (PNGFA, 2009). Just over 3.4 million m3 of non-coniferous logs were exported from PNG in 2016. This amount represents 8.5 percent of total non-coniferous log exports from all tropical countries in the world in 2016. The PNG Government imposes export duties on exported logs, which totalled approximately $95.5 million USD in 2016. The customary landowners receive royalty payments as compensation for the harvested timber, which varies between $3.30 and $11.55 per m3 in 2016 USD, depending on the tree species.

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