1. town

  • Ples we planti pipet i save stap, em taun, olsem Rabaul, Hagen o Mosbi.
    A place where many people live is a town, like Rabaul, Mt Hagen, or Port Moresby.
  • Em i raunabaut long taun.
    He/She is strolling around town.

2. large timber tree (see ton)

FYI: Taun (Pometia pinnata)

More than a dozen high-value commercial timber species grow in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Of these, taun is the most commonly logged and makes up, on average, nearly 20% of timber exports by volume. In 2016, about 620,000 m3 taun logs were exported, and roughly 90% of PNG’s log exports went to China.

Taun can thrive in a range of environmental conditions and has a range extending from the South Pacific to Sri Lanka. As a result of Indonesia’s ban on log exports and the well-developed domestic wood processing industry in Malaysia, nearly all taun logs on international markets come from PNG and neighboring Solomon Islands. Most end up in China’s manufacturing supply chains where taun is popular in the solid wood flooring industry. Taun flooring is marketed in the U.S. as an inexpensive exotic hardwood, and is often sold under trade names like Samoan mahogany, Malaccan cherry, or Pacific mahogany.

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