1. to turn into

  • tanim tok (turn talk) to interpret
  • Husat i save long tanim tok i go long ol?
    Who can interpret for them?
  • Sapos yu putim wara long bokis ais, em i tanim i go long ais.
    Water will change into ice in the freezer.

2. to turn around

  • tanim bek (turn back) to turn back, to restore
  • Bikpela ren i pundaun na susa i tanim bek i kam long haus.
    It started raining heavily so my sister turned back and came home.
  • tanim bel (turn belly) to repent and change, to convert, to change one’s way of thinking
  • Tanim bel na lusim pasin nogut.
    Repent and give up your bad habits.
  • tanim nabaut (turn about) to zigzag
  • Bikpela ren i kamap na ol i tanim na kambek.
    It started raining heavily so they turned around and came back.

3. to roll

  • Miki i save tanim smok gut.
    Miki is very good at rolling cigarettes.

4. to roll over

  • Tanim pis, hapsait i no tan yet.
    Turn the fish over, the other side is not cooked yet.

5. to stir, to mix

  • tanim plet incest
  • Tanim tin pis wantaim rais.
    Mix the tin fish with the rice.

6. to twist, to intertwine

  • Mama wantaim ol susa i sindaun aninit long diwai na i tanim rop bilong bilum.
    Mother and my other female relatives are sitting under the tree twisting string to make string bags.

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