1. to shoot, spear or inject something

  • sutim long nil (shoot (prep) needle) to give an injection
  • sutim long supsup (shoot (prep) arrow) to shoot with an arrow
  • Em i go long bus long sutim pik.
    He is going to the jungle to shoot a pig.
  • sutim tok to accuse, to allege
  • No ken sutim tok nating, mi no stilim pen bilong yu.
    Do not accuse me, I did not steal your pen.
  • Em i go sutim pis long supsup.
    He has gone to spear fish.

2. to prod, to hit

  • sutim bel (shoot belly) to provoke, to tease, to challenge
  • No ken sutim bel bilong Doris, nogut em bai kros.
    Do not tease Doris, in case she gets angry.
  • sutim nus (shoot nose) to make a fool of (someone)
  • Sutim ol bulmakau long kanda.
    Prod the cattle with the cane.

3. to send over

  • Bai mi sutim wanpela plet long yu.
    I’ll send over a plate for you.

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