1. to straighten, to level, to smooth

  • stretim bet (straight bed) to make the bed
  • stretim plang (straight plank) to put boards in order
  • stretim ples (straight place) to clean up a village
  • stretim rot (straight road) to level a road
  • Ol i yusim greda long stretim rot.
    They used a grader to level the road.
  • Banis i klostu pundaun na mipela stretim bek.
    The fence had almost fallen down so we straightened it.
  • Inap yu stretim lek bilong yu?
    Can you straighten your legs?

2. to make right, to correct, to fix, to settle

  • stretim ensin (straight engine) to repair an engine
  • stretim dinau (straight debt) to settle accounts
  • stretim pasin (straight fashion) to improve one’s behaviour
  • Ol yangpela i mas stretim pasin bilong ol.
    The youth must improve their behaviour.
  • stretim pepa (straight paper) to correct a paper
  • stretim rong (straight wrong) to make satisfaction
  • Yumi mas stretim rong bilong yumi.
    We must make amends for our wrong doing.
  • stretim sik (straight sick) to heal
  • Marasin i stretim sik bilong em.
    The medicine cured his illness.
  • stretim tok (straight talk) to settle a complaint
  • Yumi mas stretim taim bilong statim bung.
    We must settle on a starting time for the meeting.

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