stret, stretpela

1. directly, straight, even, flat

  • Balus i ran stret long Mosbi.
    The plane flies directly to Port Moresby.
  • Ol i wokim wanpela stretpela rot.
    They built a straight road.
  • No gat win na solwara i stret olgeta.
    The wind is down and the ocean is flat (calm).
  • sanap stret stand erect

2. honest, right, correct, proper, just

  • Em i wokim stret.
    He did it right.
  • Em i wanpela stretpela man.
    He is an honest person.
  • stretpela pasin (also stretpasin, jastis) justice, correct behaviour

3. exactly

  • Tiket i kostim faiv kina stret.
    The ticket costs exactly five kina.

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