1. to stay, to remain

  • stap isi relax
  • Sindaun na stap isi.
    Sit down and relax.
  • stap gut behave oneself
  • Mi laik yu mas stap gut.
    I want you to behave yourself.
  • stap nating unemployed, idle
  • Planti ol wantok i stap nating long taun.
    Many of our relatives in town are unemployed.
  • stap olgeta (stop altogether) to stay for good
  • Mi laik stap long haus.
    I want to stay at home.

2. to be, to exist, to live

  • Hamas man i stap long ples?
    How many people are there in the village?

3. to be present, to be located

  • Em i stap long taun.
    He is in town.

4. to express continued action similar to adding “ing” to a verb in English

  • Em i slip i stap.
    He is sleeping.

5. to stop

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