1. a traditional festival (with dancing and often feasting)

  • Ol i wokim wanpela singsing bilong man i dai pinis.
    They are holding a festival to end a period of mourning.

2. dance

  • Ol waitman i save wokim singsing raun.
    Europeans dance without singing.
  • Ol man bilong Niuailan i save wokim singsing tambaran.
    New Ireland men perform a traditional dance with face masks.

3. song, singing, ritual, hymn (also musik)

  • Yu mas lainim ol long singsing.
    You should teach them singing.
  • Ol man bilong Rigo i save long wokim singsing bilong ren.
    People from Rigo (in the Central Province) perform a rainmaking ritual.

4. sing

  • singsing isi (sing easy) to sing softly
  • singsing wantaim (sing one time) to sing in unison

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