Sheep and Goats in Papua New Guinea

Sheep and goat numbers are small compared to cattle and pigs but are slowly increasing, especially in highland environments. Only 2% of
households claimed to own goats in 1990 and less than 1% owned sheep. The highest numbers of sheep owners were in Enga, followed by Simbu, Eastern Highlands and Morobe provinces. The highest numbers of goat owners were in Eastern Highlands and Simbu, followed by Enga Province. Sheep meat is very popular, driven by the availability of inexpensive imported sheep meat that is affordable by many people. Large-scale growth of sheep and goat ownership, especially in the highlands, has only occurred over the past 30 years. This is a consequence of deliberate government policy in the case of sheep, but goat numbers have increased
without government encouragement. Goat numbers continue to grow and there is potential for household milk production from goats.

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