Seventh-Day Adventist in Papua New Guinea

The first Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) mission was established at Bisiatabu, inland from Port Moresby, in 1908. SDA missionaries were among the first into the highlands (late 1920s) and their activities expanded rapidly after the war. The SDA established primary schools and teachers’ colleges but did not accept the subsidy provided to mission schools during the colonial period and does not accept state subsidy today. By 1980 almost all church officers were Papua New Guineans. In 1990 the 290,067 Seventh-Day Adventists were 8.3 percent of the Christian population and 8 percent of the total population.

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  1. Is there any more stories since the arrival of Pr. Carr with some Fijian Missionaries who ended up in Bisistabu. Than the missionaries from Central province who went to school at Bisiatabu and than went on to spread the Gospel of Christ in the Gulf province, west of Port Moresby and also the Aroma coast east of port Moresby. Maybe some names like Meanou Peruka, Watapeni from Koiari and followed by the Lock Family.

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