1. change (small money)

  • Senis bilong mi i kam.
    Give me my change.

2. to change

  • Nau mi save dring, tasol long Niuyia bai mi senis.
    I am a drinker now, but I will change in the New Year.

3. a change (of clothes)

  • Senis bilong mi i stap long bilum.
    My change of clothes is in the string bag.

4. to be sprung

  • Tupela hap bilong sisis i senis.
    The two blades of the scissors are sprung.

5. firstborn child of the same sex

  • Jon i gat nupela pikinini man, i gat senis bilong em nau.
    Jon has a new baby boy, someone to take his place some day.

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