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save (Tok Pisin) - Tok Pisin English Dictionary

save (Tok Pisin)

originated from Portuguese ‘sabel‘ (to know). It may possibly also come from the New Ireland word ‘saavi‘ (to know, to grasp).

1. know, knowledge, wisdom, understanding

  • Mi save gut.
    I understand it well.
  • Mi no save.
    I don’t know.
  • Mi save ol i lusim kantri pinis.
    I know they have left the country.
  • save pinis already know
  • Mi save pinis ol i bin lusim kantri.
    I already know they have left the country.
  • save long know about
  • Mi save long Jon.
    I know about Jon, I know Jon.
  • gat save long know about, have knowledge of, know how to
  • Mi gat save long Baibel.
    I know about the Bible.
  • Mi save long wokim haus.
    I know how to build houses.

2. can do, know how to do, have the skill

  • save stia (know steer) to know how to steer
  • Mi save wokim dispela.
    I can do this.
  • Mi save draivim ka.
    I can drive cars.

3. do something usually or habitually

  • save go long lotu (know go (prep)¬†worship) to go to church regularly
  • save go long skul (know go (prep)¬†school) to go to school regularly
  • Mi save kaikai bret.
    I usually eat bread.
  • Mi save smok.
    I smoke.

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