save (Tok Pisin)

originated from Portuguese ‘sabel‘ (to know). It may possibly also come from the New Ireland word ‘saavi‘ (to know, to grasp).

1. know, knowledge, wisdom, understanding

  • Mi save gut.
    I understand it well.
  • Mi no save.
    I don’t know.
  • Mi save ol i lusim kantri pinis.
    I know they have left the country.
  • save pinis already know
  • Mi save pinis ol i bin lusim kantri.
    I already know they have left the country.
  • save long know about
  • Mi save long Jon.
    I know about Jon, I know Jon.
  • gat save long know about, have knowledge of, know how to
  • Mi gat save long Baibel.
    I know about the Bible.
  • Mi save long wokim haus.
    I know how to build houses.

2. can do, know how to do, have the skill

  • save stia (know steer) to know how to steer
  • Mi save wokim dispela.
    I can do this.
  • Mi save draivim ka.
    I can drive cars.

3. do something usually or habitually

  • save go long lotu (know go (prep)¬†worship) to go to church regularly
  • save go long skul (know go (prep)¬†school) to go to school regularly
  • Mi save kaikai bret.
    I usually eat bread.
  • Mi save smok.
    I smoke.

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