1. rope

  • Ol mama i tanim bus rop.
    The women are spinning bush rope.

2. a vine

  • Rop daka i go antap long diwai.
    The pepper vine has grown into the tree.
  • rop i gat nil thorny vine

3. a cluster of fruit on one stem

  • Baim wanpela rop buai.
    Buy a bunch of betel nuts.

4. a vein, artery or tendon

  • Botol i katim rop long han bilong em.
    The bottle cut a vein in his hand.
  • rop bilong blut (also paip bilong blut) blood vessel
  • rop bilong pekpek colon, intestine
  • liklik rop bilong pekpek small intestine
  • rop bilong pikinini umbilical cord
  • rop bilong pispis urinary tract
  • rop bilong holim bun ligament
  • rop wailis nerve

FYI: Ropes were made in PNG from fibres from a number of plants. Imported rope has largely replaced locally produced rope. Ropes for tethering pigs are sold in highlands markets, but even they are mostly made from imported fibre except in remote locations.

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