1. pull, drag or tow

  • pulim belo (pull bell) to ring the bell
  • pulim bol (pull ball) to dribble a ball
  • pulim diwai (pull wood) to pull a log
  • pulim i go (pull (be) go) to pull (something) away (from the speaker)
  • pulim i kam (pull (be) come) to pull (something) toward (the speaker)

2. to paddle or row a canoe or boat

3. to beg, entice, coax

4. to seduce, abduct

5. pulim smok smoke tobacco

  • Pasin bilong pulim smok i ken kilim yu.
    Smoking can kill you.

6. pulim nus (pull nose) snore

  • Ol lapun na sampela pikinini tu i save pulim nus taim ol i slip.
    The old people and even some children snore in their sleep.

7. pulim win (pull wind) breathe, pant

  • Resis i pinis, tasol mi pulim win strong yet.
    The race is over, however I’m still breathing very hard.

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