1. place

  • bikples mainland
  • ples balus airport (also epot)
    • Ol balus i save pundaun long dispela ples balus.
      Airplanes land at this airport.
    • Nem bilong ples balus long Honiara em Hendasen.
      The name of the airport in Honiara is Henderson.
    • Sakup i laik go long ples balus.
      Sakup wants to go to the airport.
  • ples bilong kamapim kiau ovaries
  • ples bung 1. a gathering or meeting place; 2. market
    • Yumi mas go long ples bung.
      We must go to the meeting place.
    • Yumi ken salim dispela pis long ples bung.
      We can sell this fish at the market.
  • ples daun a valley
    • Wanpela raunwara i stap long ples daun.
      There is a lake in the valley.
  • ples drai a desert, a dry place (of low rainfall)
    • Ol manmeri i no save wokim gaden long ples drai.
      People do not make gardens in dry places.
  • ples hait a hidden, secret or shady place
    • Mitupela i gat wanpela ples hait bilong mitupela yet.
      The two of us have a secret place of our very own.
  • ples kik soccer field (also sokafild)
    • Mipela i yusim ples kik bilong skul.
      We use the school’s soccer field.
  • ples klia a clearing, an open place
    • mekim ples klia to reveal
    • I no gat wanpela ples klia long ples bilong mipela.
      There is no clearing in our village.
    • Ol polis i mekim klia ol rong bilong man long kot.
      The police revealed the man’s crimes in court.
  • ples kol a cold place
    • Maunt Hagen em i wanpela ples kol.
      Mt Hagen is a cold place.
  • ples kunai a grassland
    • Ol sutman i wok long kukim ples kunai long painim mumut.
      The hunters burned the grasslands to hunt bandicoots.
  • ples malumalu 1. muddy place, swamp; 2. fontanelle, baby’s soft spot
    • Kar i go pas long ples malumalu.
      The car is bogged in the muddy place.
  • ples mangro mangrove swamp
    • Planti kuka i stap long ples mangro.
      There are many crabs in the mangrove swamp.
  • ples nating an unoccupied village or a place that is not being used
    • Em i no gaden, em i ples nating.
      It’s not a garden it’s empty land not being used.
  • ples nogut an unsuitable, rugged place; a dangerous place; a place of ill repute
    • Long nait Pot Mosbi i wanpela ples nogut.
      At night Port Moresby is not a safe place.
    • Yumi no ken slip long dispela ples nogut.
      We cannot sleep in this dangerous place.
  • ples tais a swampland, a marsh
    • Ol meri i go long painim papai long ples tais.
      The women have gone to find mushrooms in the swamp.
  • ples tambu sacred site, forbidden place
    • Ol meri i no ken go insait long ples tambu.
      Women cannot enter a sacred site.
  • ples tudak the dark

2. village

  • as ples home town, home village, place of origin
    • as ples bilong gavman seat of government
    • as ples bilong mi my home town/village
    • Meri i go bek pinis long as ples bilong em.
      The woman has gone back to her home village.
  • ples kanaka a village, native village (also as ples)
  • ples nating, ples klia empty space, clearing, place where something can be easily seen
  • ples nogut bad place, unhealthy or dangerous place
  • tok ples mother tongue, local language, vernacular
    • Sampela pikinini i save rit na rait long tok ples.
      Some children can read and write in their vernacular.
  • Yumi go lukim mama long ples.
    Let’s go see mother in the village.
  • Dogare i go long ples.
    Dogare went to a village.
  • Mi kam bilong lukim ples tasol.
    I’m just coming to have a look at the village.

3. region

  • Laos i stap insait long saut is Asia ples.
    Laos is in the south-east Asian region.

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