1. a game

  • Mipela save long kain kain pilai.
    We know many different games.

2. fun

  • Em i pilai nating.
    He is just having fun.

3. play

  • Ol sumatin i stap pilai wantaim.
    The students are playing together.

4. to play

  • pilai laki (play lucky) to gamble
  • pilai long sem (play (prep) shame) to masturbate
  • Tude apinun mipela bai pilai soka wantaim ol tisa.
    This afternoon we will plays soccer with the teachers.
  • Yu save pilai wanem spot ya?
    What sport do you play?

5. sexual intercourse

  • Asde Silas i pilai wantaim wanpela pamuk meri yesterday.
    Silas had sexual intercourse with a prostitute.

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