1. to close, shut, stop

  • Maria i pasim dua.
    Maria closed the door.
  • pasim blut to stop bleeding
  • pasim sua to dress a sore

2. to fasten or tie something

  • Pasim rop gut.
    Tie the rope well.
  • pasim bel to sterilise a woman; to satisfy one’s hunger

3. block

  • Tait i pasim rot.
    The flood has blocked the road.

4. to hold back, delay, hinder

  • Mama i pasim mi.
    Mother delayed me (also blokim).

5. pasim toktok agree

  • Mitupela i pasim toktok pinis.
    The two of us have agreed.

6. pasim tingting decide

  • Mitupela i no pasim tingting yet.
    We have not made a decision as yet.

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