1. stuck

  • Sip i pas long rip.
    The ship is stuck on the reef.

2. a written document, letter, report, permit

  • Mi salim pas i go long papa bilong mi.
    I sent a letter to my father.
  • Fransis i go long pos opis bilong salim pas i go long Siapan.
    Francis goes to the post office to send a letter to Japan.

3. ahead

  • Mama i go pas pinis.
    Mother has gone ahead.

4. lock, close

  • Dua i no pas.
    The door is not closed.

5. blocked

  • Rot i pas.
    The road is blocked.
  • ai i pas to be blind
  • yau o ia i pas to be deaf
  • bel i pas to be stubborn, obstinate

6. firm

  • Holim rop pas.
    Hold the rope firmly.

7. tight

  • Dispela siot i pas long mi.
    This shirt is too tight for me.

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