1. prostitute

  • Tupela i go insait long haus pamuk.
    The two men entered the brothel.
  • pamukman male prostitute
  • pamukmeri female prostitute

2. prostitution (also pasin pamuk)

  • haus pamuk brothel

FYI: A variety of terms from Tok Pisin is used in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to describe commoditised sexual conduct, depending on the person talking, the nature of the conduct and the locality in which it is carried out. For example, pamuk [slut], raunraun meri [lit. mobile woman], and tukina [two kina, a reference to the long-standing price standard] are common; pasinja meri [passenger-woman] has displaced the former haiwei meri [highway-woman]; and in the Highlands, fo’kopi [4-coffee, a reference to the fourth or lowest grade of coffee] has recently come into use. All are highly derogatory. Variants on the term ‘sister’ (asidua, sista-sista) are used by sex-seller women themselves; and another term currently in use in several places is ‘problem mother,’ referring to the fact that most women on the streets are there because they have fled, or been cast out from, abusive marriages, and consequently live with problems.

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