1. (above) antap long

  • There’s a mirror over the stairs.
    Glas bilong lukluk i stap antap long leta.

2. (involving movement) long arasait

  • It jumped over the fence.
    Em i kalap long arasait long banis.

3. over here long hap i kam

  • The food is over here.
    Ol kaikai i stap long hap i kam.

4. over there long hap i go

  • She’s over there.
    Em i stap long hap i go.

5. (more than) antap long

  • It will cost over a hundred kina.
    Peim i antap long wan handet kina.

6. (during) long

  • over the month long wanpela mun

7. (finished) i pinis, i dai pinis

  • When the meeting is over.
    Long taim bung i pinis.

8. all over the place long olgeta hap

9. to ask over askim sampela i kam long haus bilong yu

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