1. (outside) ausait

  • The children like playing outside.
    Ol pikinini i laik pilai ausait.
  • He’s out in the garden.
    Em i stap ausait long gaden.

2. go arasait

  • I’m going out now.
    Nau bai mi go arasait.
  • to go out go long narapela hap
  • Are you going out this evening?
    Bai yu go long narapela hap lone nait?

3. to take out rausim

  • She took the photo out of her bag.
    Em i rausim poto long paus.

4. (light, fire) i dai

  • Are all the lights out?
    Lait i dai?
  • The fire has gone out.
    Paia i dai pinis.

5. to drink out of a glass dring long glas

6. out of joint skru i lus

7. aut

  • He is not at home, he is out.
    Em i no stap long haus, em i aut.
  • The horse is out of the fence.
    Hos i lusim banis na i aut pinis.
  • Don’t go out at night.
    No ken go aut long tudak.

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