adjective, adverb, noun arasait, narasait

  • He is opposite.
    Em i stap arasait.

(a direction, side or view, for example) narakain, narawe

  • She went off in the opposite direction.
    Em i go long narakain rot (narawe).

(facing) arasait hapsait

  • He lives opposite the church.
    Haus bilong em i slap arasait long haus lotu.
  • the opposite side hap i go
  • to go to the opposite side go long hapsait
  • My house is on the opposite side of the river.
    Haus bilong mi i stap long hapsait long wara.
  • He is on the opposite side of the fence.
    Em i stap long arasait long banis.

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