1. wantaim, wanpela taim bipo

  • Ring the bell just once.
    Paitim belo wantaim tasol.
  • Try once more.
    Traim wantaim moa.
  • once a day wanpela taim long wanwan de
  • I only did it once.
    Mi mekim wantaim tasol.

2. wantu (immediately)

  • at once hariap, nau tasol
  • Do it at once!
    Wokim wantu!
  • The doctor came at once.
    Dokta i kam hariap.

3. (at the same time)

  • at once tupela samting wantaim
  • I can’t do two things at once.
    Mi no ken mekim tupela wantaim.

4. wande

  • I only saw him once.
    Mi lukim em wande tasol.

5. wanpela taim, wanpela de

  • once upon a time wanpela taim bipo, wanpela de

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