• proposition long
  • on the beach long nambis
  • Put the plates on the table.
    Putim ol plet long tebol.
  • He’s arriving on Tuesday.
    Em i kamap long Tunde.
  • She arrived on the bus.
    Em i kam long bas.
  • on top of antap long
  • What is on top of the house.
    Wanem samting i stap antap long haus.
  • on account of bikos, bilong wanem
  • on purpose long laik bilong em
  • adverb

1. all the lights were on. olgeta lait i wok.

2. (happening) kamap

  • What’s on the radio?
    Wanem samting kamap long redio?
  • Come on! (hurry)
  • and so on na i go olsem, na ol kain samting olsem

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