1. this, in this way

  • Em i tok olsem.
    His words are, he says this.

2. as if, like, similar to

  • Em i wokabaut olsem lek bilong em i bagarap.
    He walks as if his leg is hurt.
  • Yangpela meri kain olsem yu ha mi.
    Young girls such as you and me.

3. this way, thus

  • yu no ken tingting olsem.
    You shouldn’t think this way.
  • olsem na therefore

4. than

  • moa liklik olsem yu smaller than you

5. olsem na therefore, so

  • Mi gat sik, olsem na nau mi go long haus sik.
    I’m ill, so I’m going to hospital.

6. yu olsem wanem? how are you?

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