1. all, every, all together, all the time

  • long olgeta hap bilong Papua Niugini in all parts of Papua New Guinea
  • long olgeta ples everywhere
  • long olgeta yia every year
  • mipela olgeta, yumi olgeta all of us
  • olgeta de every day
  • olgeta man everyone
  • olgeta samting everything
  • olgeta taim every time, whenever
  • Olgeta taim mi go huk, mi no painim wanpela pis.
    Whenever I go fishing, I never catch a fish.
  • olgeta wantaim all together
  • Olgeta i stap.
    All of them are here.
  • olgeta yia annual, annually
  • yumi olgeta every one of us

2. completely, altogether

  • Em i lus olgeta.
    He is completely lost.
  • kranki olgeta all wrong
  • Rot i bagarap olgeta.
    The road is ruined.

3. emphasis marker

  • gut olgeta the best
  • go pinis olgeta leave for good

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