1. an interjection Oh!

2. added to words when calling out

  • Yu ken singaut “bos o”, tasol em i no inap harim yu yet.
    You can sing out for the boss but he won’t hear you.

3. an extra word added to songs, especially work songs, to make the rhythm smoother

4. or

  • I gat gavana o nogat?
    Do they have a governor or not?
  • Mipela i sot o no gat mani.
    We are short of or without money.
  • Trausis bilong ol meri o man?
    Are they men’s or women’s trousers?

5. or not (at the end of a sentence, short for o nogat)

  • Meri bilong yu i gat wankain tingting olsem yu tu o?
    Does your wife think the same as you or not?

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