• verb

1. surik, surikim

  • She didn’t move.
    Em i no surik.
  • Move the bed over there.
    Surikim bet i go long hap.
  • Move it nearer.
    Surikim i kam moa klostu.

2. (house) go long arapela pies

  • We’re moving on Friday.
    Mipela go long arapela ples long Fraide.

3. (an object)

  • Can you move your bag, please?
    Inap yu putim bek long arapela ples?

4. The sun moved in the heavens. San i wokabaut antap.

5. muv, muvim. (as a motion in a meeting or parliament) muvim mosen

6. move up go klostu

  • move up a bit go klostu liklik
  • adjective wokabaut, raun
  • a moving vehicle ka i raun


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