• noun

1. bel

  • to change your mind tanim bel
  • I’ve changed my mind.
    Mi tanim bel bilong mi.
  • It has gone entirely out of my mind.
    Mi lusim tru long bel bilong mi.

2. lewa

  • My mind cannot grasp…
    Lewa bilong mi i no inap save…

3. tingting

  • to make up one’s mind tingting long bel
  • My mind is blank.
    Tingting i pas.
  • bear in mind tingting gut
  • verb

1. lukautim

  • Can you mind my bag for me?
    Inap yu lukautim bek bilong mi?

2. I don’t mind. Maski, no gat wari.

3. lukaut long

  • Mind the step!
    Lukaut long lata!

4. Never mind! Maski!

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