Derived from ‘Mary’

1. woman, girl, wife (used in combination with many other words)

  • Kakiri i meri bilong Madang.
    Kakiri is a woman from Madang.
  • haus meri woman’s house
  • meri i stap nating, meri i no marit single woman
  • marit meri married woman
  • samting bilong ol meri women’s business
  • meri blouse a loose-fitting short-sleeved top worn throughout PNG, related to the ‘mother hubbards’ worn by women throughout the Pacific. The fabric (usually colourful cotton print) is gathered to a yoke and the blouse is capable of concealing breasts, pregnancies and other female bodily identifiers
  • pasindia meri/pasinja meri ‘passenger women’ female prostitute, who exchange sex for money
  • Em i karim wanpela pasindia meri i kam long rum bilong em.
    He brought a prostitute to his room.

2. female (distinction of sex in humans and animals)

  • dok meri bitch
  • hos meri mare
  • kakaruk meri hen
  • pik meri sow
  • pikinini meri a daughter, girl (also gel)

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