1. to make, to cause, to force

  • mekim dai (make die) to kill / to stop something
  • mekim dai kros to stop a quarrel
  • mekim dai tok to stop a rumour
  • mekim gut gen to correct
  • mekim gut long benefit
  • mekim i dai (also kilim) to kill
  • mekim i gat biknem to make famous
  • mekim i gat moa to increase
  • Mekim i go i go.
    This happened again and again.
  • mekim i kirap nogut astonish
  • mekim i orait gen (make (be) all right again) to fix
  • mekim i pas long, mekim i orait long, mekim inap long adapt or adjust to
  • mekim bel kol / mekim kol bel (make cold belly) to pacify
  • mekim kol posin (make cold poison) to neutralize a spell
  • mekim kot (make court) to hold a trial
  • mekim lotu (make service) to hold a divine service, hold a church service
  • mekim nabaut (make about) to do something carelessly
  • mekim nating to do something without care
  • mekim nogut to spoil
  • mekim nogut samting (make no good something) to spoil (something)
  • mekim ol i lap, mekim pani to amuse
  • mekim ol i sarap (make all (be) shut up) to silence
  • mekim paia light the fire
  • mekim pasin nogut (make fashion no good) to do evil/to be guilty of bad conduct
  • mekim planti toktok (make plenty talk) to gossip
  • mekim planti toktok bai ol man i baim wanpela samting advertise
  • makim poto (make photo) to take a picture
  • makim pret (make afraid) to frighten
  • mekim promis (also promisim) to promise
  • mekim redi (make ready) to prepare
  • mekim resis (make race) to have a race
  • mekim rong (make wrong) to wrong (someone)
  • mekim samting nogut (make something no good) to do something shameful
  • mekim save to punish someone
  • mekim save long, mekim pen afflict
  • mekim skul(make school) to hold class, to instruct
  • mekim sori aggrieve
  • mekim stret gen amend (also stretim)
  • mekim tok sori (make talk sorry) to make an act of contrition
  • mekim tok tru antap (make talk true on top) to swear
  • mekim trabel (make trouble) to cause trouble

2. to do, to act, to behave, to achieve, to accomplish

  • mekim beten (make prayer) to say a prayer
  • mekim gutpela pasin (make good fashion) to behave well
  • mekim wantaim moa (make one time more) to do it again
  • Em i mekim wok o nogat?
    Are they doing their job or not?
  • Yu mekim wanem?
    What are you doing?
  • Mi save mekim. (also Mi inap mekim.)
    I am able to do it.
  • Ol misinari i bin mekim planti gutpela samting
    The missionaries achieved many good things.

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