1. to lose something, to spend

  • lusim sap (loose sharp) to become dull
  • Em i lusim mani long pilai kat.
    He spent his money on gambling.
  • Fiji i lusim bikman.
    Fiji has lost a prominent leader.
  • Yu lusim wet?
    Have you lost any weight?

2. to leave, to leave behind, to miss, to desert, to abandon

  • lusim namba (loose number) to be dropped
  • lusim rot to go astray
  • lusim wanpela ples to depart
  • Em i lusim haus pinis.
    He left the house.
  • Mipela i no ken lusim ol kalsa.
    We should not forget our culture.
  • Lusim ol dok i stap long haus.
    Leave all your dogs at your house.

3. to forget

  • Mi no lusim tingting long ples.
    I have not forgotten my village.

4. to loosen, to untie, to set free

  • lusim dua (loose door) open the door, to unlock a door
  • lusim laplap (loose waistcloth) to undress
  • lusim lain (loose line) to untie the rope
  • Lusim ol kalabusman.
    Free the prisoners.

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