1. to be lost, to be spent, to be gone

  • lus long rot (lose (prep) road) to get lost on the way
  • lus long wara drowned
  • lus olgeta (lose altogether) to be lost for good
  • lus pinis gone forever
  • waia lus a bit crazy, demented
  • Mani i lus.
    The money is spent/lost.
  • Tingting bilong em i lus.
    He forgets things.
  • Em i bin lus long las ileksen.
    He lost at the last election.
  • Kanu i lus.
    The canoe is lost.

2. to be loose, untied, sprained

  • Skru bilong han i lus.
    My wrist is sprained.

3. to be past, ago

  • wanpela yia i lus a year ago

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