1. lukluk

  • She’s looking at it.
    Em i stap lukluk.
  • I am going to look at the dance.
    Mi go lukluk long danis.

2. to look at lukim

  • What is he looking at?
    Em i lukim wanem samting?
  • He is looking at us.
    Em i lukim mipela.

3. to look after lukaut long, lukautim

  • Look after my house.
    Lukaut long haus bilong mi.
  • Look after (watch) my child.
    Lukautim pikinini bilong mi.

4. to look for painim

  • I’m looking for the keys.
    Mi laik painim ki.
  • Who is looking for my book?
    Husat i painim buk bilong mi?
  • The boy is looking for a job.
    Manki i painim wok.

5. to look forward to (a party or a trip, for example) tingting i kamap

6. to look out (to be careful) lukaut

  • Look out, it’s hot.
    Lukaut, samting i hat.
  • Look out!

7. to look up

(1) (in a dictionary or directory) painim

(2) (direction) luluk i go antap, lukluk antap

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